Laser Scar Improvement Treatment

Improve Your Scars

Scars can act as a memory of painful events. At Alyssum Laser, we make sure that you get rid of your scar and make your skin look fresh and healthy with our scar improvement treatment. Our experts use a laser to treat your skin and get rid of any kind of scar you have on it. The scar can be any type- atrophic, hypertrophic, keloid, burn marks, injury scars or contracture.

Our IPL treatment for scars, improve your overall skin texture and pigments. We use Intense Pulse Light (IPL) to decrease any kind of vascular effects your skin might have. With just one sitting of our scar improvement treatment, you can see the results. These results are extremely long-lasting and safe; without causing any side effects

Laser Scar Improvement Treatment

How does IPL Help in scar Improvement?

The skin experts at Alyssum Laser use IPL for scar improvement because IPL can focus on a larger area than any other type of laser. This handheld equipment uses a broad spectrum of light pulses to treat your scars. After your scar treatment and it gets better, we also provide skin rejuvenation treatment that, if teamed up with scar improvement, can make your skin look as good as new.

At Alyssum Laser, our certified technicians are well trained and experienced to handle even critical scars. All our therapies are done in utmost privacy and our instruments are sanitized right after every treatment. The number of sittings needed for treating your scars completely depends on the type and number of scars on your skin.

Scar Improvement