Permanent laser hair reduction

For softer and Smoother Skin

Laser hair removal is the most sought after method for permanent hair reduction. The precision and permanency of the process make it one of the best procedures to undergo if you want to get rid of unwanted hair from your skin. We provide an extremely hygienic atmosphere for the treatment, and all our equipment are thoroughly sanitized after each usage. The entire process is done in a separate area, keeping your privacy in mind.

Permanent Laser Hair Reduction

Why is Light Sheer Diode Our go-to laser?

The success and failure of laser treatments depend a lot on the type of laser used. At Alyssum Laser, we use the best one that is safe, effective, and reliable. A light sheer diode is extremely precise and guarantees hair removal easily. It focuses on one area at a time and is completely subtle, leaving no signs of treatment on the skin. This laser equipment can effectively measure the heat and energy required during the treatment. It is the most accurate laser used for all skin and hair types. Our laser technicians, with years of expertise, are specially trained to use the light sheer diode. It has a first-rate cooling system where the laser computer is responsible for cooling down the tip of the diode to five degrees. This ensures that the upper layer of the skin is not too heated during the treatment.

Light Sheer Diode

Face laser hair removal Get rid of unpleasant hair

Unwanted hair on the face acts as an obstacle to the dream of smooth skin. At Alyssum Laser, we render face laser hair removal services by our trained aestheticians. Our light sheer diode laser ensures permanent removal of facial hair without any side-effects. A first-rate cooling system connected to our laser devices assures that the skin doesn’t get hurt during the face laser hair removal treatment. The best part of our services at Alyssum Laser is that the processes are performed at a private space where a woman can feel comfortable

Face Laser Hair Removal