Laser treatment for freckle spots
December 24th, 2019

Visibly flawless skin is a new trend that has been going on in the rounds for quite some time now, and the only thing coming in the way, especially for fair-skinned people, is pigmentation. One of the most common types of pigmentation seen in people is freckles. Usually uniform in colour, it might differ from person to person, depending on the colour of the surrounding skin. Sun exposure and various other reasons are usually accounted to the freckle spots darkening over time. While there are people who like to flaunt and carry them gracefully, some look for ways to remove them as well. Laser treatment for freckle spots is the most common option people opt for when they want permanent removal. To understand how this treatment works, we need to figure out what are freckles, in the first place.

What are freckles?

To start with, freckles are a combination of the skin being exposed to the sun for a long time, combined with genetic inheritance. This is because the tanning lights release UV rays. When the skin is exposed to it, the outer layer thickens, and the cells responsible for the pigment increases its melanin production rate.

These are often found in various shades of brown, depending on the skin tone of the person. Usually found in two variants, simple and sunburn, some are also seen to have uneven and rough borders. The places where freckles are seen the most are upper back and shoulders, along with the face.

How to prevent the formation of freckles?

Given the fact that freckles are genetic, we cannot do much about stopping them from happening. What you can rather do is put more focus on the ways of prevention. Try to get ample protection from the harsh rays of the sun from a very young age. Use a high SPF sunscreen that best suits your skin type and environmental factors. Try not to step out of shade from 10 in the morning to 4 in the evening as it is that time when the rays of the sun are the hardest.

You can also add accessories such as sunglasses and hats to give your face and eyes that extra layer of protection. Mind you, do not step out in the sun directly after applying the sunscreen. This might cause side-effects, and you might end up with sunburns instead. While these are ways to reduce the formation of freckles and their colours, you can go for laser treatment for freckle spots to permanently remove them.

Treatment for freckles

Intensified freckles can not only look bad, but it might also make you feel under-confident. Medical science has thus come up with a permanent option like the laser to help remove them from the face. This simple, safe, and quick procedure can be performed by experts in a hygienic environment so that there are no side-effects. The rays of laser light, in this process, directly hits the melanin of the skin and breaks down the pigmentation.

If you look for an aesthetic clinic that specializes in the treatment, you will find them using a technologically advanced cooling tip to ensure the laser doesn’t burn the skin. Once the pigmentation is broken down, the immune system washes it to reveal clearer skin. The treatment is delivered in several sittings to target the entire area. The best part of using lasers is there is no downtime associated with the procedure. A professional aesthetician would also be able to determine which type of pigmentation do you have to perform the treatment. You have to, nonetheless, go for repeat sessions to ensure optimum results.

Conclusion: Alyssum Laser and Skin Care is an aesthetic clinic based in Calgary that is run by professionals who are trained in the procedure. The aestheticians use a hygienic and well-sanitized environment for the treatment, all the while performing them with practically no downtime. The clinic is also known to be recommended for laser hair removal in NE CalgaryShould you want to know more about freckle spots and how to treat them, along with other uses of laser in medical science, get in touch with Alyssum Laser and Skin Care.