Laser Acne treatment Calgary
September 26th, 2019

A light therapy like laser can surely appeal to a time-bound acne sufferer, as it is a matter of just a few minutes. Beam some laser rays and done. Your acne disappears without a trace. Unfortunately, the reality is slightly different. Laser and light therapy require your active involvement in the process. Even then, results may not be as you expect all the time. Nonetheless, light and laser therapies deserve an important place in an acne treatment strategy. This is the reason why Laser Acne treatment Calgary centres are plenty in number.

How does laser treatment work?

The working mechanism of laser treatment is simple – a strong bulb flashes the light on your skin through various filters. Your skin absorbs each filter and reflects a single colour; the one you see as the laser. Each colour is emitted uniquely and each completes different processes in your skin. The application is free from side effects and other complications. It just boosts your body’s natural healing mechanism. The number of sessions you require depends on the type of your skin, and the issue you want to resolve.

Different types of laser devices are available to suit the skin type and tone of the patient. The improper usage of laser device will cause more harm than good. Do your due diligence on your choicest laser acne treatment Calgarycentre before making that final commitment.

What to expect during the laser treatment?

Keeping your expectations realistic is the key to success after the prescribed sessions with your laser Acne treatment in Calgary. Keep the following points in mind when going for the treatment:

1. Laser alone may not cure your acne. Your dermatologist may prescribe an ointment to apply to the affected area.

2. The results are unpredictable. And it may differ from individual to individual.

3. It takes time for the results to appear. Specific treatments require up to 12 weeks after completing the requisite sessions.

4. You may need follow-up treatments. The treatment also carries certain side effects. A stinging or burning sensation is the most common among them. They go on their own after some time.

5. You need to follow your dermatologist word by word to see results.

Light Sheer diode!

If the acne is at the basement of follicles, you may need Light Sheer Diode Laser. It covers an extensive area and eliminates the need for a gel for the purpose. Fast and pain-free, this makes treatment easy and simple. Light Sheer Diode Laser at Alyssum, an Asian skin laser hair removal centre, is also free from side effects.

The number of sessions required may vary depending on your skin type. But the generally recommended time-period is up to ten sessions. One session needs just 15 minutes of your time. It is recommended that you shave the area before the treatment begins. You should also avoid creams and other skincare products to see maximum results.


Lasers are a great way to ensure that your skin is rejuvenated and spot-free. The only thing you have to make sure is that you get it done from a reputed clinic specializing in Laser Acne treatment Calgary like Alyssum Laser. The expert aestheticians at Alyssum can customize the sessions as per your needs and preferences as well. Should you want to know more, contact Alyssum Laser.