Reverse the sun damage on your face with Laser therapy

Excessive exposure to the sun can tan your face and cause pigmentation. More often than not, sun damage is permanent and can leave a very bad effect on your skin. At Alyssum Laser, we believe in bringing back the youthful glow on your skin and treating it the right way. Our sun damage laser therapy is a non-toxic process of treating sun-damaged skin tissues. This non-invasive procedure ensures that there are no side effects of the treatment include pain, swelling, and bleeding. Our qualified aestheticians make sure that they are soft on the skin.

Lasers that are gentle to the Affected area

At Alyssum Laser, we use the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy to treat sun-damaged skin. IPL covers a wide area of the skin which guarantees results in just a few sittings. The usage of IPL increases cell growth and the production of collagen. The wavelengths of light that are transmitted gets absorbed around three inches into the skin and takes effect from thereon. This, in turn, helps to prevent the formation of scar tissue. Our laser technicians have been using IPL for years to have a very strong hold of the device during the treatment. IPL increases the recovery rates of the affected tissues because of it being non-toxic. We provide a very private and hygienic environment so that no patient feels awkward and out of place at our clinic. It is a safe procedure that can be performed on people of all generations.