Get rid of Your Spider Veins Permanently

The common things that we get to see on every other person are the small, purple, blue, and red vessels on the legs and face that twist and turn as well. Known as spider veins, these are also visible through the skin. Heredity, obesity, and hormonal issues count as the few causative factors.

As these happen to women more than men, and the frequency increasing with age, they need to be treated before turning serious. With time, spider veins cause tiredness, cramps, throbbing, tingling, restlessness and even a burning sensation. At Alyssum Laser, we treat these spider veins with lasers and cause them to break down; thereby permanently damaging them.

How can lasers help in treating spider veins?

Our skilled technicians at Alyssum Laser follow a simple procedure to treat this condition. Here, we use a small fibre of laser and insert it into the vein. This way, the pulses of light can directly hit the vessels. This causes the spider veins to collapse.

The minimum risk associated with the procedure ensures that it can happen within a day with no side effects. Only local anaesthesia is used to carry on the surgery. We make use of the light sheer diode to complete this process effortlessly. Post-surgery, the vessels underneath change their colour, from dark blue to light red and finally, disappear in just a few weeks revealing a smoother skin.