Cheap Laser Hair Removal
December 6th, 2019

One of the most annoying things that women have to deal with is unwanted hair on the face and body. You might be removing them by waxing or shaving, on an almost daily basis, but they keep coming back in your life faster than they leave. But, if you are fond of the silky and smooth feeling of the skin, you must opt for a more permanent solution to the problem like laser hair removal. The evolution of medical science has come up with the introduction of lasers in the field and since then, changed the entire outlook towards unwanted body hair. Yes, it is more expensive than the temporary options like shaving or waxing, but you can still get cheap laser hair removalby experts if you look around the neighbourhood.

How does the entire process of laser hair removal work?

A colloquial acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation,” laser is a device that emits a wavelength of light through it. When used for hair removal, the laser light is shone on the melanin of the skin from where it targets the follicles. 

The high power of the laser light burns down the follicle of hair, and destroys it, severing all the chances of it growing back. Since hair grows in a cycle of Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen, multiple sessions are required to target all hair from the targeted area. Alyssum Laser and Skin Care, an aesthetic clinic, provides the best laser hair removal in Calgary, NE

Is it possible for anyone to have a laser hair removal treatment?

This is an oft-repeated question that remains in the minds of most people who are looking for a cheap laser hair removal.To answer this straight, anyone can go for laser hair removal, but the effects will only be best visible on the ones who have lighter skin and darker hair, and there is an explanation for this as well. 

If you use the laser on people with a deeper skin tone, the melanin would absorb most of the light and in turn, burn the skin in the process. On the same lines, if it is performed on fair hair, the light will not be able to target the follicles.  

Having said all of this, medical science has brought to the forefront various models of lasers effective on specific skin tones and hair colours, which only experts of laser hair removal in Calgary, NE, would be able to handle. The areas where laser hair removal works best are the underarms, bikini, legs, arms, and face. 

Sessions, frequency, and more…

As mentioned earlier, hair grows in a cycle, and so, the laser treatment is performed in several sessions, carefully planned out by professional aestheticians. If we keep in mind the area that is to be treated, almost around five to ten treatments are required for optimum results.

Hair can regrow in a few areas and be permanently destroyed in the others, at the same time. When this happens, you need not worry because a few sessions of cheap laser hair removal again would do the trick. What is guaranteed, however, is that once the treatment is performed, the hair that grows back would be lighter and be unnoticeable. 

Talking about the frequency of the treatment, the decision is best left to the experts. Is it seen, on an average, there is a three week to one month of difference between two sessions as that is the amount of time it takes for the hair to grow. Professional aestheticians will give you a rough idea of what the instructions you must follow before, during, and after the treatment to derive optimum results out of the same.

The price set for laser hair removal in Calgary, NE, depends on the clinic that you are visiting, the expertise of the aestheticians, the country, and even the facilities available at the clinic. Alyssum Laser and Skin Care, an aesthetic clinic based in Calgary, provides the best services in this regard. 

Conclusion: Efficient yet cheap laser hair removalis a vital criterion for women who want to achieve and smooth skin. Alyssum Laser and Skin Care, as an aesthetic clinic run by experts in the field, assure you to give you just that at the most affordable rates. Should you want to know more, get in touch with Alyssum Laser.