September 3rd, 2019

Unwanted hair on the body can be a principal source of low self-esteem in a lot of people, leading to a sudden rise in opting for various hair removal methods. While waxing and shaving are the most common procedures, they do not give desired, or long-lasting results. That is why laser hair removal treatments are becoming so popular. These are safe, flexible, and efficient treatments that can help anyone achieve smooth skin. Having said so, there are various myths that surround laser hair removal treatments as well.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a permanent method of hair reduction from the body. It involves using modern laser devices to shine a bright beam of light on the skin to damage the follicles from the root. There are several precautions that you will have to take before, during, and after the procedure is complete to ensure results. The treatment is performed by trained laser technicians who are well versed with how to handle the equipment.

What are the common myths of laser hair removal?

As one of the most popular permanent hair reduction techniques, laser hair removal has a lot of myths associated with it, and a majority of those are incorrect. It is, thus, essential to know the reality of permanent laser hair reduction before you decide to sit for one.

1st Myth: Skin tones matter a lot when it comes to laser hair removal

This wasn’t a misconception when lasers were introduced as a method of hair removal back in time. Initially, people with a lighter skin tone were ideal candidates for laser hair removal because their black hair could easily be detected. However, since then, medical science has come up with new and advanced laser machines that can target the follicles beneath every skin tone.

2nd Myth: A single session is enough

This is a fundamental misconception that needs to be cleared. Hair, in your entire body, grows in cycles, and since laser hair removal directly targets the follicles, the procedure is conducted throughout the “hair growth phase” commonly known as the Anagen phase. This makes it essential to go for more than one sitting so that all cycles are touched and there is no scope of any surviving hair.

3rd Myth: Bikini laser hair removal impacts fertility

This myth has been there for a long time now but is entirely incorrect because laser treatments only affect the hair follicles, and do not get beyond that. Which means, no organ or body function will be affected by the treatment, apart from the unwanted hair. However, to ensure you are in good hands and there are no side effects, it is always suggested you opt for a bikini laser hair removal by Indian or Pakistani aesthetician at a well-known aesthetic clinic.

4th Myth: Laser hair reduction makes hair growth denser

Laser hair removal provides quick results by showing a notable reduction in the thickness and density in hair growth. The only hair seen on the body, after one sitting, will be the ones not targeted by the laser the first time around. 

5th Myth: Laser hair removal is unsafe

This myth is the representation of the inner fear that stops you from trusting anyone, and this is also the only reason why you must always opt for a certified laser hair removal centre for your surgery. The trained aestheticians make sure that they take necessary precautions before performing the procedure.